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COTTON INK was founded accidentally, in the eleventh month of 2008. November is our anniversary month. At that time, Carline was already graduated from Lasalle, and Ria was in the middle on her final project at University. 'It would be so cool if we can make our own money' Carline said to Ria, and Ria felt the same way. There was a time when soon-to-be President Barrack Obama was huge. Both of us thrilled with the first ever Black-American President, and was so inspired by his journey.Then an idea popped up. What if we make an Obama Tee. That's the beginning of our long journey.

And now, slowly but sure we grew, we want to make COTTON INK as one of local brands with not only good quality, but also with a good attitude.

We call it casual with a twist.

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