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CO2 Cashmere is a wholesale clothing company launched in 2005 with designer Pascal Benouaiche. CO2 uses primarily 100% Cashmere in its line, making it youthful with innovative designs and prints. CO2 incorporates casual everyday garments such as tunics and hoodies with top of the line cashmere. CO2 has several lines including cashmere and leather handbags, with styles ranging from slouchy hobo bags and satchels to classic, structured totes, as well as, leather belts, and t-shirts. CO2 has a line called 8GauGg which brings a flare to traditional cashmere through its use of graphic prints to reach a younger customer market base. The cashmere "Touch" line showcases bright and vibrant colors mixed with bold designs. CO2 Cashmere can be found in upscale department stores.


As lead designer, Pascal Benouaiche specializes in luxury cashmere goods for men and women (ready to wear, leather belts and cashmere and leather handbags). Pascal brings his inspirations to the line from his world travels and everyday experiences which he incorporates into the intricate line of leather belts and prints in the cashmere line. Benouaiche chose to begin his line with 100% cashmere because of the richness of the fabric itself, as well as his extensive knowledge of cashmere's fabrication. Taking everyday views and experiences, and seeing them through his creative perspective Pascal brings beauty to the ordinary. Benouaiche also gets inspiration from his parents who are both involved in various art and fashion circles around the world, which immersed him into the fashion world at a young age. His mother, who is a painter and a creative designer lead him to dedicate himself to his true passion, designing beautiful clothes for women and men.


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