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Bunny Habits
Name Bunny Habits
Created April 2010
Author Bunny Darke
Origin London
Style Habits of a young lady with a short attention span & an impeccable sense of distaste
Website Bunny Habits

Bunny Habits

Bunny Habits is a fashion and lifestyle blog, created by Becky 'Bunny' Darke in April 2010. Written in Bunny's flat in London, Bunny Habits covers style comment and features, recommendations and inspiration, observation, and a hint of city life.

Bunny is passionate about mixing high street, vintage and boutique clothing and accessories, to create individual an exciting outfits without spending a fortune.

A keen bargain hunter, Bunny believes that there is little more satisfying in life than finding something beautiful for a fraction of its original price.

Eclecticism and making trends one's own are Bunny Habits' style principles.

Main interests

  • vintage clothing & accessories
  • bargain hunting
  • high street & online shopping
  • new influences
  • customisation
  • kitsch
  • nurturing a fabulous wardrobe.


Bunny Darke is a part-time fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Full-time, Bunny's professional career is in communications, particularly press work and copy-writing. She is qualified in feature writing, proof-reading, writing for the web, and is highly experienced in media relations.

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