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The House Of Balenciaga A fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1918, this Spanish born designer was known for his unmatchable eye to detail in the art of couture making. His pieces showed uncompromising standards which led the designer Christian Dior to refer to Balenciaga as the "the master of us all". Trademarks of Balenciaga's where evident as he progressed. Odd, feminine, yet undoubtedly modern shapes where some of the many. Balenciaga was also known for starting his shows with a Little Black dress in the season's cut, but put to work his architecturally driven mind to derive an ultra modern form of what was once a traditional LBD, into a highly sought after "IT" piece.

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Cristóbal Balenciaga

The Balenciaga Spirit

" a couturier must be " An Architect of design. A sculpture for safe. A painter for colour. A musician for harmony. a philosopher for temperance "Cristóbal Balenciaga "

Elaborations in detail can be found at The houses website

Brief History

Founded In late 1918 to early 1919, the Balenciaga house erected its first "Haute Couture" store in San Sebastian, Spain, where he built a strong customer base. This encouraged him to open a second store in Madrid, and then a third in Barcelona. 1937 saw the opening of the House of Balenciaga at 10 avenue George V, the current home of his flagship Parisian store "Balenciaga Paris". Balenciaga soon became a prominent member of the Paris Fashion scene.

Christian Dior "The master of us all."

Coco Chanel "Balenciaga is a true couturier. Only he is able to cut fabric, assemble it & sew it with his own hands. The Others are merely draftsmen."

Hurbert De Givenchy "Balenciaga created not only a style but technique. He was the architect of Haute couture."

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Balenciaga Today

The Balenciaga house is now owned by the The GUCCI group a company of the French multinational company PPR, and its womenswear and menswear is headed by Nicolas Ghesquière. whom to this day still takes fragments of ideas from the Houses achieves to show the true Balenciaga spirit. Not only has he turned the flailing house back into a dominant force in the retail world, but he has the fashion world at the edge of there seats, anxious to see more of his avant-garde & architecturally shaped pieces which explore new & unconventional materials.

Nicolas Ghesquière's pieces for Balenciaga have attracted a strong list of avid wearers and purchasers in the world of the rich & famous, with celebrity fans such as Beyonce Knowles , Jennifer Connelly, and Nicole Kidman. His pieces are often featured in many of the worlds top fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and many more.

The House Of Balenciaga also has a vast range of accessories; such as bags, belts, glasses, jewellery, and shoes.

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Balenciaga And Shoes

Nicolas Ghesquière pays great attention to the design of the shoes that walk the Balenciaga runway, working alongside noted shoe designer Pierre Hardy to create shoes that compliment his creations. Balenciaga shoes have been widely praised and sought after in the fashion community, attracting many celebrities, fashion editors, and fashion icons. Examples of his outrageous shoe designs can be seen below.

Balenciagas.jpg 17m.jpg 00420m.jpg Balenciaga (1).jpg 00390m.jpg 00290m.jpg


Balenciaga Resort 2011

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