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33 avenue Miquelon
33 avenue Miquelon Poster 2012 Version.png
Name 33 avenue Miquelon
Created 11 March 2010
Author Cameron Miquelon
Origin Louisville, Kentucky
Style Style, music, observational

33 avenue Miquelon (formerly Midnight in a Perfect World) was an independent fashion blog written by Cameron Miquelon, and was based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The blog began life originally on Tumblr as a typical Tumblr with various content ranging from odd photos to NSFW reposts, as well as enough fashion-related content to end up on a Twitter list curated by The Coveted (of Independent Fashion Bloggers fame) featuring new fashion bloggers. This led Miquelon to relocate her blog (and the URL, which had been obtained before entered into said list) to a self-hosted WordPress account, followed by acquiring a new theme suitable to her design desires.

The blog had numerous features, each one exploring a particular subject and its connection to fashion/style, however subtle:

  • Music Monday (music)
  • My Old Kentucky Home (Louisville- and Kentucky-related posts)
  • Follow Friday (interviews with fashion bloggers)
  • Outside the Box (interviews with those outside of fashion)
  • Business Week (interviews with those who work in fashion; annual series)

Name Origin

Originally, the blog was named after the song "Midnight in a Perfect World" [1] from DJ Shadow's 1996 album Endtroducing..... The final name, modelled in the format of a French street address, was derived from the international dialing code for France (33), while Miquelon was a reference to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon [2], the only part of France located in North America, just south of Newfoundland in Canada; there is no known avenue in France with that name that the author is aware of.

Bilingualism (2010 - 2011)

33 avenue Miquelon was written mostly in English with occasional nods to French, Miquelon's adopted second language. French was most prevalent in the titles of her features, as well as the occasional bilingual post. This practice was abandoned in early October 2011 when Miquelon radically changed the appearance of her blog.

Alexandria's Genesis, Bronies, and Final Days (2011 - 2014)

In late 2011, one Miquelon's oldest pieces of fan fiction writing had turned up on her Tumblr dashboard to her surprise and dismay, due solely to how users of the micro-blogging site -- and the Internet in general -- were interpreting her invention of a posthuman/alien genetic construct dubbed Alexandria's Genesis.

To attempt to set the record straight, Miquelon opted to come out on Tumblr as the construct's creator. Fearing that would not be enough to accomplish the task at hand however, she turned to her blog for a detailed post [3] explaining how Alexandria's Genesis actually came to be. The piece would ultimately become the most-read post of all time, pulling in around 90 percent of the blog's traffic prior to closing.

Around the second anniversary of the blog's operation, and with the post taking away from the blog's main focus, Miquelon decided to court a different audience in an attempt to offset what she dubbed "the violet-eyed cult," so named for the most-notable characteristic of Alexandria's Genesis, purple eyes. Thus, she sought out Canadian voice actress Tabitha St. Germain for an interview in-character as fashion designer and entrepreneur Rarity, a unicorn pony from the animated television programme My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Though the in-character email interview did not happen, St. Germain did the interview as herself, an interview that would attract fans of the show -- known as bronies -- to the blog. The interviews would continue up through early 2013.

By late spring of 2013, personal issues -- finding outside employment while freelancing for two local publications, the threat of homelessness et al -- took Miquelon away from her blog. Ultimately, her father paid for a one-way bus ticket to the city of her choosing, purchased the morning after Labor Day in September 2013; Miquelon chose to relocate to Seattle, Washington.

The final post would come on Halloween 2013, and by late January of 2014, the decision was made to terminate the blog in order to begin anew, moving her most popular posts onto her Tumblr so as not to detract from the new blog.

Posting Times

Entries posted to Miquelon's blog were usually posted at midnight Eastern Time in the United States, which more or less had to do with the fact that she was six hours behind Paris and everyone else on Central European Time, and five hours behind London and everyone on Greenwich Mean Time. This was in order for those across the Atlantic to have something to read in the morning, especially the French who are able to read English.

About the Author

Born in Louisville, Kentucky but raised in Kansas for most of her life with stints in Tacoma, Washington and Louisville before calling Seattle, Washington her new home, Miquelon stumbled upon the fashion world when one of the city's two alt-weekly papers had a short article on Garance Doré. Miquelon, who was a Francophile -- due to her love of French Pop singer Alizée at the time -- began reading Doré's blog, and over time — coinciding with the resolution of her gender identity — found herself blogging all that she knew about it.


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