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The Fashion Folio
Name The Fashion Folio
Created August 2009
Author Afrodite
Origin Brussels, Belgium
Style Fashion, lifestyle


The Fashion Folio was made in August 2009. It was something for Afrodite to try out herself after having discovered blogs like 'Adventures in La Las Land' [1] (now: Fashion Monster) and 'Little Miss Dress Up' [2].

It started out as a way to express herself by posting pictures she liked. Those pictures contained magazine issues, new collections, fashion history and many more. Looking up to big fashion bloggers like Andy from Style Scrapbook, Afrodite always wanted to make some outfit posts. She did, a couple of times, after having received an SLR for her birthday. The NIKON D3000 changed the whole look of The Fashion Folio.

The gadget became a part of Afrodite and her blog. After that, she started to receive invitations from PR agencies and other fashionable parties. The hobby become something more. The blogger is currently studying for Journalism in Mechelen, a city near Antwerp. And with this blog, it's an ideal way to practice.


The Fashion Folio is still rising from being a small blog to something bigger. The goal is to become a known fashion resource in Belgium and maybe even the world. But The Fashion Folio also has to go and search for inspiration. This can be found on Style Scrapbook[3], Afterdrk [4], This Chick's got style [5], Mode Junkie [6], Le Blog De Betty [7]... and many more!

More Info

The Fashion Folio is a member of Hypeed and is also a Blog With Integrity. From now on, it will contribute to Wikifashion every now and then. It is regulary seen on the website of Elle Belgique [8] because she's a member of La Blogosphère Belge [9], which is a blogosphere of all Belgian bloggers. The end of January 2011 will be very exciting, because The Fashion Folio will be writing about new Swatch watches she receives.

External Links

Visit the blog here: The Fashion Folio[10]

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