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Sonia Eryka
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Name Sonia Eryka
Created September 2009
Author Sonia Eryka
Origin Jakarta, Indonesia
Style Fashion,style


Sonia Eryka (born in June 21, 1993), a 17 years old jill who stays and lickin Jakarta's lips as a blogger.


By the time she could read, she began to love books and fell for litterateur world. Started to write storiettes practically in elementary school, and enthusiastically learning to write some movie scenarios from her seniors in cinematography sphere. She began to write in a blog in 2008.

The interest of fashion has brought her to make a streetstyle shop, Riots Barbie // Riotous (visit the store and the blog), and also a clothing line on the go. In spare time, this female vocalist of an indie band also sings & plays guitar, recording some covers of her favorite bands on her Youtube & myspace.

the blog: "Diary of THE RIOTOUS BELLE"

In 2009, she decided to share what's boiling in her head to the world, and make a new blog about her personal diary. The Riotous Belle, Riotous, the word people often describe her, and Belle taken from her middle name Isabella, this blog filled with her passion of photography, traveling, music & fashion, and brought people to see through her looking glass.

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