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Clara devi 1.jpg
Name Lucedale
Created 2009
Author Clara
Origin Indonesisa
Style Fashion,style
Website [1]


Lucedale ['lu:sədeɪl'] /noun/ a pause of time where modern reality meets past wishes in a glimpse of somersault.

Lucedale is a musing of thoughts, created by Claradevi Handriatmadja, an old soul in a young corpse. She loves taking pretty pictures, writing blind sonata, going out and drown herself in a book somewhere beneath the nature sites, rambling about the vintage fashion, dressed-up a sweet geeky look and wearing spectacles frames without its glasses. You'll get to know a bit of her weird but simple life here, and maybe more about Indonesia.

Lucedale isn't a new blog, but rather a new concept of the former known Sunflares Plethora that had been serving the needs of this blog for about two years back from now. Growing and getting older, the author feel that Lucedale could represent her need of something fresh, simple, and still - lady sweet. It might be sounded like a name of place somewhere in America, but here, Lucedale is a nowhere escaping place. Like a gap between letters, space between words, breathe between talks.

"...and there was a time where your mind wished for a sudden freeze of air. That time you want a moment to crystalized into one perfect frame, at your perfect emotion, at the most beautiful memory you could recall with the one you love. The moment you hope for the clock to stop ticking and heart to end beating, so the absolute perfection lasts forever. What we all need, is that little pause in time." - lucedale, 2011

NOTE : Formerly known as Sunflares Plethora [[2]] until changed into Lucedale September 15th, 2011. The blog remains on the previous template and hosting (only the tile had changed). Big text


"fresh new title! like a tap dance :)"

External Links

- Blog Claradevi on Twitter Claradevi on Facebook

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