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Go Cry Wolf
Screen shot 2010-10-03 at 11.32.34 PM.png
Name Go Cry Wolf
Created June 2010
Author Rena Zheng
Origin Sydney, Australia
Style Fashion, Photography
Website http://gocrywolf.blogspot.com


Go Cry Wolf is a music, fashion, and photography/art blog launched by Rena Zheng in June, 2010. Previously, Zheng had blogged behind 'Mockingbird' from the end of 2009, however in early June of 2010 the blog was deleted by accident, and was restarted under The Moonchild, and later, The Rocker Child.

Along with the final change to 'Go Cry Wolf', Zheng has also launched her public photography page on Facebook: [1].

She has been featured on other blogs such as Fashion Jinx [2] describing her personal influences and style.

Music Interviews

Zheng often interviews indie Australian bands, inspired by them, and a musician herself, playing piano and the drums, and posts them on her blog. She hopes to break through to the Australian music scene in the future. To date there have been names such as The Spirits, Pensive Penguin, and Set Sail. She hopes her blog will become another outlet for aspiring bands to find publicity, much like Triple J Unearthed.

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