Glisters and Blisters

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Glisters and Blisters
Glisters and blisters.jpg
Name Glisters and Blisters
Created 2009
Author Michelle
Origin Indonesia
Style fashion,style

Glisters and Blisters was a fashion blog established by Michelle Koesnadi in August 2009. Her blog's purpose was originally a place for her to compile pictures and inspirations she likes to keep. However, after several outfit posts, she decided that the blog was better it was a style diary blog. Although the blog is mainly about fashion, Michelle often includes her personal life and thoughts as part of her daily updated posts.

One other thing you'll enjoy looking at is the amount of food porn she posts. Not only does she love fashion, but she has a great interest in food. Michelle can be spotted eating in all sorts of places from fine dining restaurants even to the kaki limas (street vendors) throughout Jakarta. Thanks to blogging, Michelle has convinced herself that an SLR camera is a must. Her beloved Canon 500D with a set of different lens for different purposes has allowed her to develop another interest in photography. Although she may seem like she can pose, Michelle is actually quite a shy person as she prefers to take self timer tripod shots rather than having a photographer do the job. While keeping up with her studies and blog, Michelle also enjoys taking a stroll around town taking more pictures.

For more information, check out Michelle's blog here Follow her twitter @glister_blister

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