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Fade to Grey
Name Fade to Grey
Created September 2010
Author Klee
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Style Fashion, style
Website http://fadetogreyblog.blogspot.com/


...is a blog about inspiring and being inspired by fashion through culture, trends and experimentation. It includes insights from not only the fashion industry but also music, food and art industries. Written by Klee who writes... "I'm a fashion enthusiast and blogging addict from Brisbane, Australia. My blogging started (and continues to be) an outlet for my fashion obsessions. I like my chai hot and my latte cold. I love chic white bedrooms, and dark grungy clothes. I hate loosing. I only like avocado if it's mashed up. I want a puppy named Oakleigh. Give me anything chocolate or nut covered, and I'm happy. Oh, and if you walk slowly in front of me, I WILL kick you. That is all."

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