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Important information

Wikifashion has no central editorial board or editor-in-chief. It is created by dedicated volunteers from around the world who donate their time and fashion expertise. Though Wikifashion is a free service, it is a private enterprise that does not ask for donations and is funded privately.

For further information about Wikifashion please refer to about Wikifashion. If you have queries or feedback regarding Wikifashion write to us via one of the methods below.

Project Coordinator: GerBi


contact [at]

For the press

Inquiries from members of the press about Wikifashion, please contact press [at]

For readers and editors

If you are having difficulties creating a page or need help using Wikifashion please refer to the Wikifashion Help section. This section includes suggested articles and information on how to edit existing pages. If you wish to become more involved in a particular project or have submissions or ideas for featured articles please contact us at contact [at]

Website administrators

If you believe an image has been uploaded onto Wikifashion that infringes on your copyright, please contact us at contact at

Though please consider that all Wikifashion members are required under the Terms of Service to reference all images and content that is contributed. All images and content remain the property of the original owners.

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